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STAR Sends Recommendations over the Texas Recycling Market Development Plan to Texas Lawmakers

Thu, November 11, 2021 9:09 AM | Deleted user

On Nov 11, the STAR Board of Directors voted unanimously to send the following documents to Texas Lawmakers for consideration during the session interim:

STAR TX RMDP One Page Overview

STAR - Letter of Transmittal - Interim Charge

STAR Proposed Senate Interim Charges

STAR Proposed House of Representatives Interim Charges 

These documents were developed with great help from the STAR Business Council and STAR Board Policy Committee and were informed by comments from STAR membership, STAR affiliates, and other Texas recycling industry stakeholders. 

To submit an informal comment or question over the Texas Recycling Market Development Plan, fill out this form

Click here to read the Texas Recycling Market Development Plan in full. 

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