You're invited to Texas Recycles Day, a proud part of America Recycles Day.

Held on and around November 15, America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States!

Texas Roots!

This day began as Texas Recycles Day in 1994, and became America Recycles Day in 1997 after 2 employees of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality suggested the idea to the Nation Recycling Coalition.

What is

With help from contributing organizations like Keep Texas Beautiful and Take Care of is a hub and clearing house for sharing recycling information, digital assets, social media posts, and more.

These assets are free to use, as presented, for local governments, businesses, non-profits, schools and other organizations who want to promote recycling right in Texas.

Assets will be available year-round, and the collection will continue to grow, but each month will feature targeted messaging based on how Texans live and recycle. 

By using any assets listed on this page you agree to use them as presented
and to not alter them in any way unless specific permission to do so is explicitly stated.  

How can you participate? 

Make sure you're recycling right!

Recycling is different all over the state.

If you have access to recycling in your area,
check out the Everyday Recycling Resources section below,
contact your recycling service provider or your local government to learn more,
and make sure you #KnowWhatToThrow so you can #RecycleRight.

If you don't have access to recycling at work, home, or school, 
you can search the internet for "recycling pick up" or "recycling center near me" to find an independent recycling service,
and you can 
let us know by filling out this form so we can better understand where recycling infrastructure is most needed in Texas. 

Amplify the Message!

Starting on Nov 15th and continuing throughout the next year, STARKTBTCOT and our other partners will be posting and promoting Texas recycling with these shared videos, graphics, and recycling information.

By focusing all our efforts on the same message, we can make a big impact on recycling in Texas.

Declare it Texas Recycles Day

TRD Press Release Template

TRD Proclamation Template

TRD Logo

Post on Your Own Page(s)

The below images are ready-to-post! Click to download. 

Add Your Logo 

The below images have space left to place your own organization's logo and/or event information. Click to download. 

Use the Hashtags 

#TexasRecyclesDay  #TexasRecycles  #BeRecycled  #RecycleRight

#TakeCareOfTexas  #KeepTexasBeautiful  #RecyclingSTAR

Share Our Posts

STARKTBTCOT and our other partners will post featured messaging starting Nov 15th on social media channels and as newsletter blasts. By harmonizing and amplifying recycling messaging state-wide, you can help make a real impact on the way Texans recycle.

Host a Live Event

If you’re planning a live event on or around Nov 15, you can also register it with Keep America Beautiful.

Recycling Fact Sheets

'What can I do?' Idea Sheets

Together, we can make every day Texas Recycles Day.

Featured Messaging for Nov 2021

Texas Recycles Day (TRD)
Nov 15 - 20
Food Waste
Nov 22 - 30


One of the biggest problems for recycling is still food waste.
Putting food in a recycling cart can actually ruin your other recycling and make it un-recyclable. 

That's why we're encouraging participants to share TRD and Food Waste messaging for November.

To learn more, check out a free webinar by the US EPA over Food Waste Research on Nov 17, 2021.

The Food Waste video below is ready to share as a Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media post.

The Food Waste graphics below are ready to share
on Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media posts.
Click image to download.

The Food Waste Video below is ready to post on Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories.

Click here to download.

Future Messaging Schedule

December 2021

Buy Recycled!

The graphics below are ready to share
on Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media posts.
Click images to download.

These #BuyRecycled graphics were generously donated by students
Michaela Bollinger and Abigail Lund of TCU's Dept. of Graphic Design as part of a collaborative project overseen by Instructor Jan Ballard (shown in order on the right)


January 2022 

Tanglers, Toys & Holiday Decorations

Everyday Recycling Resources

Check back for a new topic and new resources each month.

For more information email

To submit shared assets, upload them here.

Thank you to our Mission Partners,
who help make possible! 

This effort was inspired in part by the success of the North Texas Know What to Throw campaign, which was prepared in cooperation with the North Central Texas Council of Governments through grant funds from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. More info and resources at

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